Thank you for visiting Rethink The Couch. I'm so glad you're here. My name is Allison, and I’m an American therapist who has been living and working in Asia for about a decade.

I work with individuals and couples in person in Hong Kong and with expats around the world using Zoom or Skype.

Rethink The Couch is the crystallization of my professional beliefs. Doing therapy with people for a decade has taught me that the traditional, “Diagnose-and-Conquer” method does not work. It places way too much emphasis on assigning pre-cooked methods to “fix” people, ignores the possibilities of transformation, and positions people in a revolving door of therapy; it’s too much talking,  too little action, too few results. The clients I work with want the opposite. They want things fresh, creative, connected, and collaborative. They also want their experiences normalized and a therapeutic platform for generating sustainable and valuable results. That’s the therapy you’ll find at Rethink The Couch.

While the hundreds of individuals and couples I have supported in clinical and private practice settings face various challenges, the common thread is they are often navigating transitional experiences involving their relationships, careers, moves, goals, and values, and these often occur in cross-cultural spaces.

In addition to working with individuals and couples, I have launched and led various therapy groups including one for male refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong and another for women experiencing postnatal depression and anxiety. Both of these were the first of their kind in Hong Kong, and I continue to explore expanding Rethink The Couch’s reach to populations who have been ignored for too long.

My Background

I graduated summa cum laude from NYU (USA) with a bachelor's of science in nutrition, a master's of cultural studies also from NYU (USA), and a second master’s in counselling from Monash University (Australia). I am also currently doing my PhD in psychology. In addition, I have completed various trainings at The Gottman Institute including: Level 1 & 2, Couples and Addiction Recovery, Making Marriages Work, Treating Affairs and Trauma.

Lastly, I belong to the Australian Counselling Association, Singapore Counselling Association, Asian Association of Social Psychology, and the Hong Kong Society of Counseling and Psychology; I am also a Certified ‘Healthy Boundaries for Kind People’ Coach.



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