A Tailored Approach to Therapy




Figure This Out

This package is for people who want immediate relief from their existential nausea.

Some examples include: 

  • You’ve been blindsided. Perhaps you’ve just been promoted, terminated, relocated, or been told your partner wants to marry or divorce. Now what?

  • You need a change - Do you change careers? Live in another country? Change your lifestyle? What does this mean for you? Others?

  • You’re ready to make a big decision - Do you marry? Do you divorce? Do you have a baby? How about another? Should you move to Vietnam? How would this impact your life map?

  • You’ve had an epiphany - or something like that! What do you do with this information?


• Two sessions via Zoom/Skype, or in person in Hong Kong for our day together. (Yes, plan to block off the whole day!)

• A questionnaire sent to you one week before our day together - this will help us focus the day and maximize the time together and results.

• Throughout our day together, I remain online/accessible in between Zoom/in person sessions to answer questions.

• In between calls, I’ll “assign” certain tasks/work for you to complete and before we hop on next call.

• A follow-up email from me after day outlining what we discussed and points of action.

• Ongoing email support - helping you through a transition isn't one-and-done... it's a process. Therefore, I'm available to you by email to answer questions that come up for one week after our day together.

1,300 USD / 10,100 HKD



Navigating Your
Next Evolution

This package is for people navigating long-term challenges.

Some examples include:

  • You’re deciding to make a life change and feel confused or overwhelmed. 

  • You’re navigating the aftermath of an affair and feeling disoriented. 

  • You’re recently married, divorced, or had a baby. You’re feeling the weight of this seismic shift.

  • You’re facing challenges at work and feel stuck. How will you cope? 

  • You’re immersed in cross-cultural challenges. How will you thrive?

  • You’re experiencing a shift in your identity and are starting to lay the course for the path ahead.

  • You’re living abroad, facing cultural shock, “Expat Depression”,  and/or wanting to integrate more fully; you’ve repatriated and are facing reverse culture shock and/or depression. You feel misunderstood. You feel lonely, isolated, and want to connect.

  • You’ve had a loss and are experiencing grief.

  • You’re in a new relationship and feel a mingling of emotions.

  • You have ongoing feelings of depression, anxiety, overwhelm, or plain yuck.

  • You want to re-engineer your goals, values, and/or boundaries. You’re feeling focused yet need direction. 


• Two, 1-hour each session on Zoom/Skype or in person per month.

• Ongoing email support -  helping you through a transition isn't a one-and-done...it's a process. Therefore, in between sessions, I'm available to you by email to answer questions that come up. 

500 USD/ 3,885 HKD a month
Choose between a 3- or 6-month package

Please note: These packages are for individuals but can also be tailored for couples.




Allison worked with me whilst I was pregnant after fertility struggles and was an invaluable support. Her warm and intellectual approach was empowering really changed how I was able to experience my pregnancies and also threw insight into my wider sense of self.

She became a word-of-mouth sensation and has supported my husband and a growing list of friends through various challenges and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.





+ What made you Rethink The Couch?

Rethink The Couch is the crystallization of my professional beliefs. Doing therapy with people for a decade has taught me that the traditional, “Diagnose-and-Conquer” method does not work. It places way too much emphasis on assigning pre-cooked methods to “fix” people, ignores the possibilities of transformation, and positions people in a revolving door of therapy; it’s too much talking, too little action, too few results. The clients I work with want the opposite. They want things fresh, creative, connected, and collaborative. They also want their experiences normalized and a therapeutic platform for generating sustainable and valuable results. That’s the therapy you’ll find at Rethink The Couch.

Also, with the traditional models, there is a strong separation of power between the client and therapist. That typically entails rigid boundaries that mean connecting with one’s therapist in a pre-cooked manner and at specific times. I believe that for true transformation to occur, people need to be seen, heard, and witnessed in a variety of ways - not just one hour a week behind closed, shameful doors.

Ultimately, I want my clients to consider that therapy doesn’t have to be dull, boring, or one size fits all; I want people to feel intrigued with the process, engaged, and transformed.

+ What can I expect from our work together?

No formulas. No fluff. No labels. No judgment. No chasing superficial happiness. You can expect me to show up fully to sessions with the assumption that what you’re navigating emotionally we can transform. You can also expect that although I don’t believe in the power of positive, perky thinking, I am confident that the fog you’re experiencing now will lift.

+ With what types of clients do you work best?

I work well with clients who are into self-growth but not self-obsessed. (Instagram stars need not apply.) I also work well with people who are kind; respectful; spiritual or religious but not lost in outer space on a New Age planet; have a sense of humor; values creativity as I don’t use pre-cooked methods in my therapy; men and women; couples; no kids or family therapy, though. Additionally, I work well with people who want to engage in a collaborative approach - they are well invested in the process of therapy and not looking for someone to fix them.

+ As a therapist, do you work with a range of diagnoses including bipolar, schizophrenia, and PTSD?

The only diagnosis I provide is “Human”. I’m not trained to work with people who have been diagnosed with severe mental illness; I don’t work with treatment plans intended to treat mental illness. If I feel you might benefit from working with a clinician, then I will make that recommendation, but I don’t hold any responsibility in the assessment or treatment of mental illness.

+ Do you do virtual sessions? What if I live in another country and want to work with you?

Yes. I am based in Hong Kong so this means that as long as the time zones align, I am happy to work with people virtually. I use either Zoom or Skype as my platform, and I work with an international clientele. Should you reside or find yourself in Hong Kong, I offer in-person sessions at a lovely space in Central.

+ Do you offer one-off sessions?

Please contact me directly to discuss the possibility of a one-off session. Usually, these aren’t recommended as sustainable changes come from consistent efforts.

+ What’s your cancellation notice policy?

I require 24 hours to reschedule. This goes in both directions - if you cancel less than 24 hours of a scheduled session, then you forfeit the session; if I cancel the session with less than 24 hours of a scheduled session, then I will add a session to your package.

+ Do you offer refunds?

No. Barring extreme circumstances, payments are non-refundable. From the payment date, you have one year to use the balance. Even though I don’t allow refunds, I do allow you to transfer your balance to people you know. In other words, unused sessions you may gift to someone.

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Allison is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

She is highly intelligent, compassionate, caring, wise, attentive, extremely conscientious and has a wonderful sense of humor. With a dozen or so sessions, combined with practical homework and coping tools, Allison helped me overcome terrible relationship wounds to move on with my life and find a healthy relationship. I would highly recommend Allison and have in the past recommended her to many friends.




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